Thursday, 10 May 2012

First Bada Magal 2012

The first Bada Mangal was on 8th May 2012 . As every year there was huge crowd of devotees in all the famous temples of Lucknow. I also went to Sankat Mochan Hanuman Setu in the morning 7'O clock. I was surprised to see that even in so early morning there was large line of devotees. I also buy Prashad and Flowers and went in queue for the Dharshan of Sankat mochan Hanuman. The environment of temple was very pleasant. All the devotees were patiently waiting for their number in queue.
The decoration was Mandir was very nice. Temple was decorated with flowers of Genda and Glulab. Volunteer were instructing people and doing their work. Metal detector and CCTV were also used on the door of  Temple for security purpose. 
When my number came I had dharshan of Sankat Mochan. After visiting the main mandir I also went to Ashram of Neem Karori Baba near bank of Gomti. There were few devotees coming as compared to Main Temple. The environment was very calm and pleasant.. After worshiping Sankat Mochan in old temple I went to home.
As every year there were arrangement of food strals (Bhandaras) all around the Lucknow. SBI stral was outside the Hanuman Setu mandir. Whole day there was huge crowd of devotees in all the famous temples Aliganj Hanuman Badi, Hanuman Setu, Hazaratganj Dakhinmuki Hanuman, Balaji Temple Chawk etc.


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