Thursday, 24 May 2012

Last Bada Mangal: 29/05/2012

The upcoming Tuesday 29th May, 2012 will be the last Bada Mangal. As it will be the last Tuesday of  hindu month Jetha. As it is the last bada mangal there will more crowd of devotees in Hanuman Temples. And Lucknowites have to wait next year for bada mangal.
It is only in Lucknow you can see such celebration of  Bada Mangal. So if you are in Lucknow don't miss the Bada Mangal celebration this Tuesday because after that you have to wait for one year for that. You must visit Hanuman Badi Aliganj, Hanuman Setu, Chachi Kaun, Panchmuki Hanuman mandir. My best wishes to all Lucknowites for Last Bada Mangal. May Lord Hanumana fulfill all the wishes of yours.


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